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As the American population continues to age and the number of nursing homes and elder care facilities rises, the incidence of abuse and neglect of elderly Americans in substandard nursing homes has increased. Additionally, a surprising number of Americans who are not elderly require extended nursing home care to recover from surgery, joint replacement or traumatic injuries.

Although many state and federal laws regulate nursing home operation, the proliferation of nursing homes and a lack of resources cause nursing homes to provide a standard of care that is far below acceptable in some cases. Incidents involving abuse and neglect can range from physical abuse and violence to a failure to provide basic care to nursing home residents. Overmedication, dehydration, infection, fall injuries and even death occur when nursing facilities are understaffed or simply do not meet acceptable standards.

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Elements of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Direct physical violence inflicted upon a nursing home resident is only one of the many types of abusive and neglectful actions that may occur. While in a substandard nursing home, staff members may simply be neglectful to patients, which can result in bedsores, infection, dehydration, and depression. In an attempt to manage a large nursing home population with insufficient staff, nursing home staff members also may take inappropriate abusive actions against residents such as excessively medicating and using inappropriate restraints. Overworked and under-qualified staff members frequently cause conditions that lead to serious injury.

Documenting Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

While abuse and neglect can create many serious medical conditions for nursing home residents, there also are legitimate causes of those conditions. Therefore, it is important to immediately address any perceived incidences of abuse or neglect with nursing home staff, insist that the resident receive medical attention right away and document any physical injuries through photographs, medical reports and detailed written notes. Capturing and preserving all the evidence is an essential foundation to holding a negligent facility fully accountable.

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Since 1932, The Moore Law Firm has held a tradition of excellence when it comes to aiding those who have suffered due to negligence. It is our goal to provide you with as many resources as possible in the aftermath of nursing home abuse or neglect. We have compiled various pieces of helpful information below to help you understand more about your situation and how to move forward.

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